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Kids Program

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Our children's program is designed to promote the ideals of focus, respect, discipline, loyalty, and self-confidence, the most important aspects of a child's training. They must learn and understand the tenets of Martial Arts - "Perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit" - and practice them inside and outside the dojang.

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Our Goal:

•Increase Focus for here, and in the classroom
•Develop Goal Setting habits
•Increase Self-Esteem
•Show the importance of Respecting others
•Establish Discipline habits… Perseverance!
•Improve Physical Traits and Self-Defense Skills
How do we do it:

Certified Black Belts with child teaching experience
Fast paced, 50 min classes
Step by step curriculum with exciting stages to keep them motivated!
High, loud, positive energy in all our classes!
Martial Arts Art