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Karate for Kids:
Ages 3-6
United Martial Arts specializes in this karate program. Lil Lion's is a unique program, which improves listening and motor skills in pre-school level children. Here we set the right habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives! START THEM YOUNG!

This is our most successful program. We serve over 10 different childcare facilities and over 100 students. Parents enjoy it here because of how much fun we have with our little ones. At the same time every single class is a learning experience.

Have questions about scheduling and cost? Please call us at 305-586-5759! We have the right program that fits your time and budget!

Our Goal:
•Build Confidence
•Improve listening and motor skills
•Increase Focus and attention span.
•Build Positive Energy habits
•Establish the “YES I can” attitude
•Develop Karate Self-Defense Skills

How do we do it:
•Simple Curriculum w/ Life Skills Goals
•20 exciting Belt Stages to keep them motivated
•Lots of Energy
•Fast Paced
•Add Humor and Fun!

The Fun facts of our Karate for Kids: Lil Lion's program
•Currently Serving 10 Childcare Facilities with over 100 Students
•Served over 400 students in the past
•Serving the Miami Area for last 8 years.