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Tanya Salazar
We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study traditional Martial Arts skills and philosophies under Master Daniel Osorio. For the last three years, it has been a very positive experience for our entire family. In addition to the positive physical development, including strength, tone, stamina, and balance comes the mental and Emotional benefits of self-discipline and self-confidence. Team United #1
Patricia Escoto
United Martial Arts program gives my child a place to grow into a respectful young man. It's a great way to condition your body and mind at the same time. UMA school provides traditional martial arts training. Unlike some of the other martial arts schools we looked at in this area, I feel this program will teach my son respect and discipline.
Iride Marasso
My son has been going to United Martial Arts almost for 3 years. He has risen up through the ranks and has one goal in his mind and that is getting a black belt. Master Osorio has been an excellent teacher. Not only has he taught my son the forms and sparring and other components of Taekwondo, he has set a wonderful example. Master Osorio is patient and caring, but he expects the best from his students and they give it to him. My son has gained self-confidence and a sense of honor from his time at UMA. I can honestly recommend the experience to anyone who wants their child to become physically fit and mentally tough.
Andrea Rafaela Rendon
United Martial Arts is one AMAZING school! My son went to a previous school and the biggest disappointment we had was that the instructor was not very friendly, and not very personable. Whereas Master Osorio is always there and completely hands-on with his students! He teaches respect, discipline, & self-esteem but Master Osorio teaching techniques go far beyond the classroom; my son uses the self-discipline Master Osorio teaches in his everyday life! And, that's a HUGE plus for us!
Allana Faustin
The useful forms the kids are sent home with give my sons the motivation to strive to work harder - something we encourage. Plus - the incentives are a huge bonus for my two son's self-esteems. The environment is also great for parents to meet new people. I would highly recommend United Martial Arts to anyone and everyone - young and old - who are interested in learning the art of Taekwondo, learning respect, & self-discipline, and of course, self-defense.
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